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Vote For Marshall Orson
Democratic Candidate, District 2, DeKalb County Board of Commissioners
Early voting starts May 2nd. Election Day is May 24th

Marshall is a trusted leader who

My ten years of experience on the DeKalb County Board of Education is unmatched by any other candidate and has prepared me for the work of the DeKalb County Commission. This experience includes oversight of the largest governmental entity in DeKalb, leading many of the DeKalb County School District's legislative initiatives, settlement of significant litigation, land-use planning that impacts and benefits the entire county, and resource allocation to ensure equity throughout the county. These experiences are directly relevant to serving as a county commissioner.
I'm ready to get things done for DeKalb!

Marshall  Orson


Marshall's Accomplishments Include:

  • Helped secure full accreditation of DeKalb County Schools after a significant downgrade prior to joining BOE

  • Led the effort to improve finances - the School District moved from a deficit to DeKalb having a $100 million-plus reserve every year

  • Led the effort to stop the Trump Administration from illegally forcing local school systems to divert education funds away from public schools - a nationwide injunction secured

  • Led the effort to stop a state takeover of local schools - he helped to develop an alternative plan for state and local school systems to collaborate on improving low performing schools 

  • Sponsored reductions in millage rate to protect taxpayers

  • Fought to ensure investment at Cross Keys High School was at a place where the school would be accessible to students and the community

  • Sponsored the school nurse program to ensure every school in the district has a school nurse (unique amount most metro Atlanta districts)

  • Sponsored the program to improve outdoor athletic facilities at every high school, to benefit students and surrounding communities and creating more greenspace as a result

  • Chaired naming committee for the first school in the country named for Cong. John Lewis


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Early Voting has begun. Learn more here

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