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What Matters To DeKalb Is What Matters To Marshall


The DeKalb County government must work collaboratively with other local governments - the DeKalb County School District and cities - to deliver results for citizens of DeKalb.  This is not always the case. As a member of the Board of Education, this collaborative approach has been crucial in order to make smart decisions on construction, attendance zones, and equitable access to programs and services.  We work with the county and cities to deliver great results for students in every part of the county. Having built relationships across the county, will benefit all DeKalb citizens.


County government must provide high service levels for DeKalb citizens, and this is critical in unincorporated areas where the county government is the sole service provider. Potholes need to be filled. Garbage needs to be picked up. Curbs must be built. Traffic lights must work. County government must meet these basic needs. Creative approaches to identifying needs and providing services must be adopted.  Using technology to report and speed responses is critical. The county government must meet the needs of its citizens and this is especially true in unincorpated areas where there are no other service providers. 


Incentives to bring business to DeKalb should be used carefully and primarily targeted for areas where DeKalb residents have fewer economic opportunities.  Further, they should demonstrate a net benefit to DeKalb greater than the value of the incentive.



Citizens must feel safe.  Law enforcement and citizens must feel connected. County government needs to direct additional resources—both for hiring more officers and hiring personnel to provide alternatives to sworn officers to deal with mental health crises, non-violent offenses, and quality of life issues. Community policing must be part of the effort to connect citizens and law enforcement. 


Land use decisions must be economically sound, sensitive to neighborhood patterns,     environmentally appropriate, and integrated with adjacent governments. County government should use tax incentives to incentivize the development of truly high-quality, affordable housing. Nonconforming land uses must be addressed carefully so as to respect neighborhoods and increase opportunities. The county government and cities must work closely together to ensure decisions benefit all communities. 


Community issues must be addressed in partnership with other governments, particularly the DeKalb County School District.  Too often, issues existing in the community end up directly and adversely impacting schools and our children. The county government, the school district, and city governments must work together to create joint initiatives to address poverty, crime, food insecurity, health access, economic opportunity, and greenspace. The county and cities, along with the school district, should plan together.

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